Summer Camp June 2021 Kids Campus

30Welcome to Camp

Happy Memorial Day!
1. Kona Ice $210am2. We will make a campfire picture today!3. We will make s’mores today!  Yum!4. Outside Scavenger hunt!5.
6.  Summer Fun
7.  Storytime with your amazing teacher!Tiger,Owl & Monkey Water Day!8.  We’re going to make Ice Cream Sundaes!!!Elephant & Panda Water Day!9.Wear your favorite sunglasses today!
Lion Water Day!
10. Pack your lunch today. We will have a picnic outside! 11. Schoolwide PAJAMA Day!12.
13. Beach Week14. We will work on Father’s day gifts!
Tiger,Owl & Monkey Water Day!
15. Outdoor InflatableArt Painting Easel
Elephant & Panda Water Day!
16. Kona Ice $2
Lion Water Day!
17. Today we’ll explore seashells!18. Bubble Fun!19. 
20. Beach WeekHappy Father’s Day!21. Outside yoga!
Tiger,Owl & Monkey Water Day!
22.  Popsicle party! 
Elephant & Panda Water Day!
23. Let’s learn how to hula dance!
Lion Water Day!
24.  Ice Cream Sandwich Day!25. Today we will read The Rainbow Fish!26.
27. All American Week28. We will have a classroom parade with American flags!
Tiger,Owl & Monkey Water Day!
29.Kona Ice $210am

Elephant & Panda Water Day!
30.We will make cards for the troops!

Lion Water Day!
1.Schoolwide PAJAMA Day!2. Wear red, white and Blue!June Activity Fee:$14.00
Must be paid by05/26/2021

Summer Camp July 2021 Kids Campus

4.Amazing Animals
Happy 4th of July!
5.CLOSEDIn observance of the 4th of July!6.  Popsicle Party!
Elephant & Panda Water Day!
7. Wear your favorite animal shirt!Lion Water Day!8.Mickey Mouse Ice Cream!9. Schoolwide PAJAMA Day!10.
11.Disney Week

12. Wear your favorite Princess or Superhero shirt!Tiger,Owl & Monkey Water Day!13. Outdoor InflatableArt Painting Easel!Elephant & Panda Water Day!14. Kona Ice $210am

Lion Water Day!
15.Pack your lunch today. We will have a picnic outside!16. Bubble Fun!17. 
18. SummerScience
19. MentosExperimentTiger,Owl & Monkey Water Day!20. Vanilla & Chocolate Chip Round Ice Cream!Elephant & Panda Water Day!21.Ice Cube & Kool-Aid painting!Lion Water Day!22.  SkittleExperiment!23. Dress up today in your favorite color!24. 
25. Carnival Week26. Wear your favorite animal shirt.Tiger,Owl & Monkey Water Day!27. Let’s play a bean bag toss game & win prizes!Elephant & Panda Water Day!28. Today we’re going to make popcorn!Lion Water Day!29.  Kona Ice $210am30.Schoolwide PAJAMA Day!31.July Activity Fee:  $14.00Must be paid by 06/30/2021

Summer Camp August 2021 Kids Campus

1.TransitionWeek*Most children will transition to their new classroom this week.*

8. Welcome to School!9. First official day of the school year at Kids Campus!!
10.   11.  12.


Main Building Summer Camp 2021

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